Here’s What Happens When BLACKPINK Jisoo And Lisa’s Eyes Meet

Jisoo and Lisa have been drawing attention lately for their adorable interactions with each other whenever their eyes meet.

The girls of BLACKPINK are a close-knit group who are no strangers to showing fans their friendship. Recently, Jisoo and Lisa have caught the public’s eye with some of their cute antics whenever they look at each other. The moment their eyes meet, the two will engage in a bout of playful interaction.

Check out some GIFs of their lovable clowning around below!

Jisoo and Lisa meet eyes and look at each other with surprise during a live stream.

They growl at each other, then immediately turn to smile for the camera.

Even Jennie looks over to see what the adorable duo are up to!

Jisoo and Lisa’s antics with each other at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun.

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Source: Dispatch