Here’s Who Yura Thinks Has The Best Body In K-Pop

Yura revealed that she thinks these 3 girl group members have the best bodies.

When Girl’s Day Yura guested on KBS‘s Happy Together, she was asked which 3 female idols she thought had the best bodies. Yura herself is known for her incredible figure, so to be considered by Yura as 1 of the hottest celebs is certainly a powerful compliment.

Here is Yura’s top 3 best bodies in K-Pop!

AOA Seolhyun

Her first choice was AOA‘s Seolhyun. Seolhyun is famous for her signature SK Telecom standee pose and her figure-hugging outfits leave fans speechless.

“Seolhyun has a very hot body.”

— Girl’s Day Yura

Seolhyun’s famous SK Telecom pose.


Yura’s second choice was Hyuna. Hyuna is known for her sexiness and has shown off her body in multiple photoshoots.

“Hyuna has a really pretty body line.”

— Girl’s Day Yura

Girl’s Day Yura

As her final choice, Yura chose herself. Yura’s unedited photos have proven she has a flawless body and even though she thinks her body still has flaws, she cutely picked herself as the last choice.

Source: Dispatch