Here’s The Whole Story Behind Why EXO-Ls Are Called Eris

The reason will melt your heart!

Although the official fandom name for fans of EXO is EXO-L, there’s one other nickname that gets used a lot by fans and the members themselves, Eri! But it isn’t always immediately know where the term came from or what it actually means.


While there are many EXO-Ls that know all about the origin of Eri, many new fans and even some older fans may not know that Baekhyun was the one that created the nickname!


Fans really noticed Baekyun using the term right around the group’s fifth anniversary although others have said he used it even earlier. But why did he choose this name?


It turns out that Baekhyun didn’t like how formal the name sounded. Since fans were always calling the members things like Baekhyunnie and Sehunnie, he created the nickname to feel even closer with fans!


Eri is a shorter form of the full Korean form of EXO-L = 엑소엘 (Ekso-El). So 엘 (El) become 에리 (Eli/Eri). How cute!