Here’s How William Hammington Responded When His Friends Called His Dad Fat

William has his dad’s back no matter what.

On an episode of Superman Returns, Sam Hammington arranged for William to go to the movie theatre for the first time to watch Toy Story 4 in order to celebrate his special birthday.

But that’s not all Sam Hammington prepared. He also asked YouTube star, Josh of Korean Englishman to dress up as Woody and hold a fan signing.

When William saw this, he was ecstatic at the thought of meeting Woody from the film, and when he got an autograph on his back from the famous character himself, it read, “Happy birthday, William. Love, Dad.

It was then revealed that Sam Hammington switched places with Josh right before giving William the autograph.

William’s friends noticed the change and exclaimed, “Woody is fake!” to which William replied, “No, he’s real!” despite realizing that it was actually his dad.

When his friends teased by saying, “Woody’s fat“, William came to his dad’s defense by answering, “That’s because Woody just ate popcorn.

And when his friends pointed out that his voice sounded different, William took his dad’s side by saying, “That’s because he caught a cold.

Once William reunited with his dad, he expressed his gratitude and said, “Woody was my favorite part of today. Thank you, Dad.

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