Here’s Why Wonder Girls Have A Special Place In Park Jin Young’s Heart When Compared To TWICE And ITZY

Wonder Girls and Park Jin Young share a special relationship.

JYP Entertainment has debuted multiple girl groups throughout the years, but Wonder Girls will always have a special place in Park Jin Young‘s heart.

During an episode of Don’t Be Jealous, some of the members of Wonder Girls were having a meal with Park Jin Young. Hyelim decided to ask Park Jin Young what makes Wonder Girls different from the other girl groups he’s debuted.

Park Jin Young then gives a heartwarming answer on how he views the members of Wonder Girls.

Rather than artists at his company, Park Jin Young viewed the members of Wonder Girls as his eldest daughters.

Park Jin Young never got a chance to properly interact much with his artists that debuted after Wonder Girls.

For Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young got to experience many things with the members, such as spending multiple days together on a bus tour.

Park Jin Young and Wonder Girls also talked about some of the interesting experiences they had together.

Wonder Girls were the last group that Park Jin Young was able to have these kinds of experiences with, so they hold a special place in his heart.

There’s more in the full video below!