Here’s How Yubin Reacted When Hyelim Announced Her Wedding

Disbandment didn’t affect the bond between the members of Wonder Girls!

Former Wonder Girls member Hyelim made some sudden news when she publically revealed her boyfriend of 7 years.

Not long after this, Hyelim announced that she was going to get married. Yubin, who is also a former member of Wonder Girls, had to be a bit “professional” about this news. Yubin recently established her agency, which is called RRR Entertainment. Hyelim is also under this company, so they had to work together on a public statement about the news.

Hyelim and her boyfriend didn’t want to delay the news any longer, as they have delayed it many times in the past.

Regarding the official statement from the company, Yubin was curious about how much they wanted to reveal.

Hyelim even had an idea of what she wanted to reveal. Yubin and her manager started giving Hyelim ideas about some questions they will be asked by reporters. One of them being if their marriage is a shotgun marriage.

Hyelim has nothing to worry about, as it isn’t a shotgun wedding. The couple isn’t even planning on having kids for at least a couple of years.

Hyelim also shows that members of Wonder Girls are still close, as all of them knew about the wedding before the public statement was made.

Even Park Jin Young was told about the news, and he had quite the reaction.

Here is the full video below!

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