Here Are The 3 Steps To Taking The Perfect Selfie, According To EXO Suho

EXO’s Suho revealed his 3 magical steps to perfect a selfie.


First, he explained that a brighter filter is crucial to getting the perfect shot.

“First you set the filter to bright.” — Suho


Next, a selfiegrapher must try taking the selfie from multiple angles.

“I take selfies from a lot of different angles for fun.

But in general, it looks better when the camera is above your face.

It makes your jawline look slim.” — Suho


Lastly, Suho revealed that he takes multiple shots to get the best photo possible.

“You can’t just take it once. Whether you’re taking a portrait or anything, the more you take the better.

Sometimes you get a really good one as a candid.”

— Suho


However, confident Chanyeol chimed in that he only takes a selfie once.


Baekhyun took it a step further by saying he only takes half a shot.

“I only take half a shot. I stop mid-selfie. I look at my face and put it down.”

— Baekhyun


But Sehun pointed out the most obvious tip of how Suho gets the best selfies.

“He has a face that looks good on camera.”

— Sehun


And that’s the secret behind the perfect selfies that EXO-Ls love and adore!


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