High School Girl Rants About Hating Younger Boys Because They Sexually Harass Her

A high school girl has started a thread in an online forum to vent her frustrations about younger boys sexually harassing her while at the gym.

“High School Girl” said children ranging from kindergarteners to elementary school age would touch her inappropriately, slapping her bottom and touching her chest.

“One child, while going down the elevator, said, ‘Could you take all your clothes off here? I want to see you take them off.’ It’s really embarrassing and shameful. When I told them to stop, they didn’t listen.”

High School Girl 

She tried to complain to the parents but they didn’t think it was serious because they were just kids playing around.

High School Girl says she doesn’t even want to get married in the future or have a family because she hates children so much.

The post got mixed reactions, with some people agreeing that children get away with being rude too often, and others with the opinion that kids should be kids.

“I hate kids too. A baby’s crying is fine, but when they don’t get what they want I hate listening to it or seeing it. I hate some children who act rude but they know they can do what they want because they’re kids.”  Anonymous poster 1

“Kindergarten and elementary school children are spontaneous and all children will be children.”   Anonymous poster 2

“The kid who wanted you to take your clothes off already seems like he will be a criminal.” Anonymous poster 3

Many said they didn’t like how noisy and inconsiderate children were, while others said it wasn’t the children’s fault but to blame the parents for how they were raising them.