This High School Rapper 2 Contestant Denied Offers From Both SM And YG

This High School Rapper contestant is sure of what he wants and won’t let any agency stand in his way.

High school Rapper 2 contestant Bang Jae Min was offered trainee contracts by both YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment – and rejected them both.

He admitted that before appearing on Mnet‘s High School Rapper season 1 in 2017 he had received an offer from YG Entertainment. SM Entertainment’s casting offer came after the broadcast.


He rejected both because he didn’t want to be an idol, he wanted to become an artist.

“I never wanted to become an idol. I wanted to become an artist who performed the music I wanted to perform. If I was offered the same again, I would still reject it.” — Bang Jae Min


He said at first his parents told him to become an idol quickly to make money, but he attended auditions halfheartedly and failed on purpose.


His dream was realized when he became a contestant on season 1 of High School Rapper, but he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

He is challenging again in season 2 with an already established fan base, thanks to his cute visuals fierce attitude, and undeniable skill.


He is sure of his dream and chasing it!

Source: Dispatch