[★BREAKING] High School Rapper Contestant Caught Scamming Over 7.5 Million Won From Multiple People

Former High School Rapper contestant Jung In Seol is under fire for “scamming” his hairdresser and many other victims. 

His hairdresser recently released a series of screenshots of her KakaoTalk conversation with Jung In Seol.

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She explained that on the morning of September 11, Jung In Seol called and asked her to give him Reggae braids.

“September 11, it was the morning of my day off.
I got a call asking for reggae braids on a shaved head. I told him that it was impossible so I couldn’t do it, but he kept calling and begging me.

He said he had a photo shoot and performance, so he absolutely had to get them done on the day he called. I said no, but he kept calling.”

— Ryu Ji Eun (hairdresser)

In the end, the hairdresser gave in and decided to do the braids for him, except Jung In Seol didn’t even turn up.

“I scheduled him in for 3:00 P.M. and headed into work just for one person. But he didn’t come. He didn’t even pick up when I called. He then sends me a KakaoTalk message and tells me he fell asleep. Sigh..”

— Ryu Ji Eun

The hairdresser was frustrated, but told him that she could still do the braids if he came to the shop immediately.

Jung In Seol went to the shop and got his hair braided until 3:00 A.M., then promised to wire the money the next day.

“I was frustrated at how I waited all this time, so I told him I could do it if he came to the shop now. He arrived at 8:30 P.M.

It was impossible for me to work on his hair, but after brainstorming all the methods, the director and I braided his hair until 3:00 A.M.”

— Ryu Ji Eun

The problem, however, was that Jung In Seol never sent the money, and also rarely picked up the hairdresser’s calls after that.

“He got his hair done and then repeated his promise to pay us back the next day multiple times everyday.. He then cut all contact with us so I got angry and posted about it on Facebook, but then he immediately contacted me back and said he’ll pay me back, and asked me to take the post down.

But again, he never picked up our calls, and it was normal for him not to check his KakaoTalk messages for a day or two.”

— Ryu Ji Eun

The hairdresser then decided to share her KakaoTalk chats with Jung In Seol online, showing that all he did was apologize, but never actually paid her for her work.

Ryu Ji Eun: So it’s true that you never know what’s going to happen. On that day, I thought we’d be on good terms but you failed to keep your fundamental manners, and this happened. I’m saddened.

I really thought you were so awesome and adorable that day, and I really wanted to support you, but since that happened, I got a little angry.

I understand you may have your reasons as to why it turned out this way, but from my perspective, it’s common sense to let me know if you can’t reach the due date, but you never contacted me, and in fact, you avoided my calls, so I had no choice.

Mr. Jung In Seol, as soon as you contacted me, I changed the post into private. If you send me the money, I’ll delete the post and I won’t cause anymore trouble. There’s no need for it, and I don’t want to.

Jung In Seol: Ah yes, I’m also really really sorry, and there won’t be anything like this in the future again. I didn’t keep my fundamental manners and I’m so sorry.

Ryu Ji Eun: Okay. Once you’re done with tomorrow, I hope we can meet again with smiles next time~ Please don’t do this to other people, you have to keep even the smallest of promises. It’s an important time for you, and the more famous you become, you know you have to be more careful of your words and actions.. Anyway, I hope for the best.

Jung In Seol: Yes, I’m sorry!

Director. I’m in front of an ATM right now since I’m out for an event, but I don’t think my money has come through.. It keeps saying I have insufficient funds so I’ll try resolve this by today and send you 600,000 KRW ($524 USD) by tomorrow morning. Even if that means I have to borrow money, so please don’t worry.. I’m so sorry for breaking my promises, I have no excuses. I’m sorry for the early KakaoTalk message!ㅜ

Ryu Ji Eun: Okay you can send it to me by tomorrow~

Ryu Ji Eun: The grace period is over. I don’t think it’s been deposited yet, please confirm.
When will you be able to pay us?
You’re not picking up your phone, and it’s difficult to get in touch with you.
The day you promised to send me the money has passed.. If you have personal reasons, then please contact me~
I don’t know if you’ve blocked me, but if you don’t contact me then I will report you.

Jung In Seol: Oh, director, I’ll deposit it by 9 AM tomorrow!

Ryu Ji Eun: Alright. Your reply is very late.

This dragged on for several days until the hairdresser found out that she wasn’t the only victim of his scams.

“There are other victims besides me. He’s a minor now so he’s been running his mouth, but once his birthday’s passed in October, I’m curious as to how he’s going to handle this.”

One person lent Jung In Seol 6.5 million KRW ($5,672 USD), but never tried to pay him back, even in installments.

“He borrowed 6.5 million KRW off me and didn’t even give me 100 KRW back. If you look at how he scams people, he does it in a really stupid way. I trusted him because I pitied him, but he keeps lying, and his birthay’s in mid-October so report him after his birthday has passed^^”

Victim: Let’s ask you a question. So are you saying you won’t give me back any of my money? It’s not like I’m even charging you interest on it, I’m simply asking you to give me back the amount I gave you. If you don’t have the funds to pay me back right now, then at least offer to pay me back in installments.

Jung In Seol: Yes hyung, I couldn’t pick up your call because of a performance rehearsal. I’m sorryㅜ I’m sorry for coming out like that when I was the one who borrowed the money.. I’ll pay you 2 million KRW every month for 3 months. Hyung.. I’m sorry.. For the fourth month, I’ll send you 1 million KRW so that it totals 7 million KRW. I’m sorry hyung.

When he contacted Jung In Seol after seeing the hairdresser’s post, Jung In Seol lied and told him:

Victim: So I guess you had enough money to get your hair done

Jung In Seol: I got it done as a sponsorship from Zelia Hair Salon…

When he told Jung In Seol he’d be taking legal action if he didn’t pay it back, Jung In Seol threatened to sue him back for defamation and stalking.

“Hyung, there are no legal effects for IOU’s, and the act of lending and borrowing money between a minor and an adult is illegal in itself.

If you post about this on social media, it’s  defamation and an infringement of personal privacy, and when you gave my number to your friend to call me, that’s stalking. I didn’t twist the truth, nor have I ever done that before.

I’m sorry to be saying this as someone who borrowed money from you, but if you post this online then I have no choice, too. It’s because I have to live off this.”

— Jung In Seol

Another came forward claiming that he sent Jung In Seol 160,000 KRW ($140 USD) for a Gucci wallet he was selling, but Jung In Seol never sent him the wallet.

“He said he was selling a wallet, and that we can trust him since he’s a public figure. He told me to deposit the money and when he got it, he ran.”

One other person working at a clothing store also came forward and revealed that Jung In Seol still owed them 600,000 KRW ($524 USD).

Victim: Hello, I’m contacting you after seeing your Facebook post. You’re talking about Jung In Seol, right? We’re also victims so I’m reaching out.

Ryu Ji Eun: Wow, yes.

Victim: Yes yes, hello. We’re a clothing store, and we saw a loss in both our store and personally. I was wondering if there was a group chat for all his victims where we could all share our progress! Our loss is at 600,000 KRW ($524), and as of now, we’ve filed a petition at the police station.

The hairdresser then announced that she’ll be taking legal action if Jung In Seol doesn’t pay her back by his birthday on October 21.

“If we report him now, then he won’t receive proper punishment because he’s a minor. If this doesn’t get solved by his birthday on October 21, then I’ll report him.”

— Ryu Ji Eun

9월 11일 쉬는날 아침.반삭머린데 레게 해달라고 전화오심불가능한 상태라 못 해드린다해도 계속 연락와사정 사정하심 화보촬영이랑 공연 있다고 전화 온 그날 꼭 해야한다고 함 안된다고 했지만 계속 전화 옴…

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