These Are The Highest YouTube Views And Weight For K-Pop Groups In The Last Year By Country

Are you surprised at any of these?

An online community board revealed charts of the number of YouTube views and weight of K-Pop groups within the past year in different countries. The post was created to show that errors can happen with statistics. Numbers shaded in blue have the lowest weight while numbers shaded in yellow have the highest weight.

For the United States, MONSTA X held the most weight (14%) in views within the past year and the lowest weight was BLACKPINK. If we look at just views, BLACKPINK has more than four times as much than MONSTA X. BTS’s views are twelve times more than MONSTA X as well. So, we cannot conclude that having a low weight connects to having low views in that country.

United States YouTube Views and Weight

In Southeast Asia, if you exclude those with high views and weight like BTS, the majority of idol groups are all over 30% in terms of weight with BLACKPINK carrying the most weight.

Southeast Asia YouTube Views and Weight

SEVENTEEN and TWICE have the most weight in Japan while BTS and and BLACKPINK have low weights. But if you look at the chart you can see that BLACKPINK has higher views than SEVENTEEN who has the highest weight.

Japan YouTube Views and Weight

Below are a few more charts of other countries for reference.

South Korea YouTube Views and Weight

South America YouTube Views and Weight

Europe (3 countries) YouTube Views and Weight

Fans who saw the charts were amazed at the balance of views and weight of some of the well-known groups and were pleasantly surprised to see higher views for TWICE, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, etc.