Highlight’s Dongwoon Reveals A Sweet Encounter With SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi—It Made Him A Carat

It’s was a cute moment he’ll never forget.

In a recent live broadcast, HIGHLIGHT‘s Dongwoon shared a story about SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi and it was ridiculously sweet!

Many know that SEVENTEEN is a group of 13 talented and charming members and Dongwoon’s story definitely confirmed that!

Honestly, I don’t share stories of other artists, but suddenly I remeber a touching story of someone. It’s Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.

— Dongwoon

Fellow HIGHLIGHT member Yoseob commented, “he’s really talented.

Dongwoon continued his story with how Hoshi caught him by surprise.

I think Hoshi was probably going to the gym. I was wearing comfy clothing, just a tracksuit. When I was crossing the road after the traffic light, from the other side, someone riding a bike suddenly got off and greeted me, ‘sunbaenim, I’m Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.’

— Dongwoon

The story seemed to be going normally, but then Dongwoon shared how shocked and impressed he was by Hoshi.

At that time, I was just wearing a tracksuit and a hat, so it would’ve made sense if he just passed me, but he put in effort to get off his bike and greeted me.

— Dongwoon

Dongwoon confessed he was very touched by Hoshi’s friendly gesture.

This was already 6 or 7 years ago, but at that time, I thought ‘what an amazing person.’ I thought that was very cool.

— Dongwoon

Doojoon mentioned that because of this encounter, Dongwoon must be very “fond of them (SEVENTEEN)” to which Dongwoon confirmed, “Yeah I really like them, I also really like their music.”

Doojoon ended the story also inspired and impressed and claimed, “And now they’ve become one of the leaders in K-Pop.

Source: Instagram (1) and (2) and Naver TV