HIGHLIGHT Are Now Land-Owning “Lords” in Scotland, Thanks To Fans

Now they aren’t just celebrities; they’re nobility.

Fans have been known to buy idols luxurious gifts, including cars and designer brands, but this present from HIGHLIGHT‘s fandom might be one of the most extraordinary ones yet.


To celebrate HIGHLIGHT’s 9th anniversary, a HIGHLIGHT fansite manager initiated an ambitious project: the purchase of land in Glen Coe, Scotland in HIGHLIGHT’s name.


The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle 해적왕 (@king_910606), or “Pirate King” in English, claims to have purchased 1 square foot of land for each of HIGHLIGHT’s five members.


This means that the HIGHLIGHT members are now considered “lairds” or “lords” in Scotland.


“Laird” is a courtesy designation meaning “landowner”, with no other rights assigned to it.


In other words, the lords of HIGHLIGHT don’t have any special privileges, like the honor of sitting in the House of Lords, but they do get the title!


Pirate King shared each of these official certificates on Twitter…


…as proof of ownership.


One of the reasons why Pirate King initiated this project was to get more fans to listen to HIGHLIGHT’s single, “Take Care”.


According to her October 29 tweet, a piece of Glen Coe land will be given away to the winner of a lottery event. Anyone (even non-fans) can participate by uploading a screenshot proving that they have downloaded “Take Care”, or streamed it for longer than 60 seconds. The screenshot must then be tweeted with the hashtag “


As if land and titles weren’t enough, Pirate King also revealed that she bought five Gucci watches for HIGHLIGHT. She plans to give the watches and land certificates to the members when they come to Scotland.


Interestingly, HIGHLIGHT aren’t the only K-Pop idols to hold the title “lord” in Scotland.


For EXO Sehun‘s 23rd birthday, a Chinese fan site called Warmwind purchased a piece of land in Glen Coe for him to give him the title of “lord”.


EXO fans subsequently purchased land for other members as well, including Baekhyun.


Now that HIGHLIGHT has joined this growing noble family, one has to wonder; who will the next “lords” of K-Pop be?