These Hilarious Moments Of BTS Shamelessly Flirting With Mannequins Is Exactly The Kind Of Content You Need To See Today

Suga called this member a “pervert” for flirting this way.

In one of their previous promotions in Japan, BTS was given a seemingly impossible task: talk to a mannequin like it’s your girlfriend.

The mannequin, which actually has binaural earphones to amplify the voices of each member, was set up to look like a woman — complete with hair and pink lips!

Once the members saw the mannequin, they started exclaiming “premium!” and Jungkook even hugged the host.

Once the commotion has settled down, they finally lined up and organized their thoughts. The theme is: you and your date are on the way home, what would you say to them after your date?


You can see RM thinking while making his way to the mannequin.

With his deep voice, he told his “date” that he had a good time.


Next comes Jin, the group’s oldest member. With his years of experience, you’d think he would have a lot to say, but he chose to keep it simple by thanking her.


Following Jin is Suga who rushes to tell his date that he’ll be walking her to her apartment.

The reason? Well, because it’s dangerous for a girl like her to walk alone at night, of course. Such a smooth talker.


J-Hope comes on strong by carefully touching his date’s attractive mop of “hair”.

Since he got flustered after the host told him he didn’t need to cradle his date’s head in his arms, he could only muster an emotional “Yeah”…

…when Suga called him out for being a “pervert”. He finished the whole thing by thanking his date profusely.


Looking a bit awkward, Jimin settled on patting his date’s head and telling her to go home safely.


Since wanted his date to hear him properly, he adjusted her “ears” first before asking her to date him.

RM reminded him that the theme is after the date has happened already, so he told his “girlfriend” that he had fun with her instead.


What would BTS’s “international playboy” tell his date? After telling her that he enjoyed their date, he finishes it up by saying “I love you”, making every ARMY watching the video wish that they were the mannequin instead.

Which of the members did you think flirted the best?