(★TRENDING) Hilarious Things That Plastic Surgeons Told Customers That Wanted Look Like Idols

Korea’s plastic surgery is renowned to be the highest quality in the entire world, and sometimes their work is so amazing that it almost seems miraculous.

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However, there are somethings that are out of reach even for these amazing plastic surgeons and these 4 surgeons told their clients something hilarious instead of just a simple no.

1. Han Ye Seul

Client: Can you make me look like Han Ye Seul.

Surgeon: It would be faster for me to carve a new face into the back of your head.

2. Sungkyu

Client: I want a jawline like Sungkyu.

Surgeon: To get such a jawline, you would have to extract all of your teeth.

3. Jaejoong

Client: Can you make eyes look like Jaejoong’s?

Surgeon: Sure, but I would have to cut open so much skin that people would be able to see your   skull.

4. Ken

Client: I want my nose to look like VIXX Ken’s.

Surgeon: I could but your nose would begin collapsing the moment you stepped off the surgery bed.