Hilarious Videos of SHINee attempting to speak English to each other

SHINee North American tour has resulted in snippets revealing the group’s quirky use of English, much to the delight of fans around the world.

This past week SHINee World Concert V has made it’s way to Canada stopping in Toronto and Vancouver for two nights of amazing performances and hilarious talk segments.

Despite the language barrier between SHINee and the audience, the members tried their best to communicate with their fans without the use of their translator. This has led to some hilarious video clips of the members joking around with one another in English!

“No Money” — Taemin

During one taking segment in Vancouver, the 5 members discussed their English skills, with Jonghyun and Taemin complimenting Minho. Minho returned the compliments to Jonghyun but jokingly told Taemin that his English was “so-so”.

Key then asked Taemin what happened to his shirt as there was a hilarious hole on it. Taemin simply responded, “No money”. He later elaborated that because it was so hot at the venue the shirt was cute. The members bickering in English caused laughter amongst the fans.

“You too baby?” — Minho

Minho and Jonghyun mess with each other in English as Minho copies Jonghyun’s “you too baby” phrase but with extreme exaggeration. Key can be seen laughing at their silly interaction in the background!

Introducing songs — Taemin

One of the funniest scenes at the show is how the members teased Taemin for being so quiet during the talking segments. Because Taemin was shy to speak inEnglish, the members made spoke by having him introduce the upcoming songs in English for the fans.