Hints Discovered YG Entertainment May Have A New Junior Dance Crew

This dance cover just proved that YG Entertainment’s exclusive group of male dancers may be getting a junior team. 

Kwon Young Deuk, a member of Hitech, recently uploaded a preview of his latest dance cover through his personal Instagram account. The dance cover was filmed inside the agency’s dance studio and  was a preview of his own choreography dancing to Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like.”

A hint was also caught by his followers in his caption. Aside from crediting his own choreography, Young Deuk revealed that the dancers in the video were their new recruits for Hitech Junior. The brief detail created room for discussion about the team’s possible discussion. The Instagram accounts of their new members were also posted.

Kwon Young Deuk is known to most fans as part of YG Entertainment’s “dancing twins.” He and his brother Kwon Young Don are full-time dancers for Hitech and have performed alongside BIGBANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi, BLACKPINK and other YG Entertainment artists since 2011.

Here are a few clips of their notable performances so far: