Hip-Hop Legend Tiger JK Talks About How BTS’s RM Broke The Stereotype Against Idol Rappers

“He is sincere, passionate and most of all, talented.”

Drunken Tiger released their final album “Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK” back in November of 2018.


The front man of Drunken Tiger and godfather of Korean hip-hop, Tiger JK, reached out BTS‘s RM to feature on the final track “Timeless”. RM has collaborated with Tiger JK in the past, featuring on a track called “Bucku Bucku” by MFBTY (a hip-hop group with Tiger JK, Bizzy, and Yoon Mirae).


Tiger JK confessed that he used to be prejudiced against idol rappers, and even against RM himself when he first heard of him from Bang Si Hyuk. Then, after talking about music with RM he knew that RM was not just an “idol rapper”.

RM’s attitude toward music, the way he writes lyrics and understands the song also reminded me of our old days as underground rappers. He is sincere, passionate and most of all, talented.

— Tiger JK


The album also features Junoflo, SUPERBEE, Kim Jong Kook, HAHA, and more. Amongst all of these amazing artists, Tiger JK reached out to RM first to collaborate on this final Drunken Tiger project.


Despite BTS’s hectic tour schedule across North America and Europe, RM still found time to work on the track with Tiger JK via e-mail and phone. They were both dedicated to creating something for themselves, not something dedicated to popularity.

Together, we saw eye-to-eye that we should make a song that doesn’t get bound by chart rankings. We just did what we both wanted.

— Tiger JK


The result was “Timeless”, what Tiger JK considers “one of the most original and unique numbers from his 30-track double album.”

Listen to the track below:


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