Holland, Korea’s First Openly Gay Idol, Is “Thankful” For RM’s UN Speech

Holland shared the reasons why he was “personally thankful” for RM’s famous words.

Holland, Korea’s first openly gay idol, has expressed his thoughts on BTS RM‘s famous “Speak Yourself” speech in regards to himself and the LGBTQ community.


In 2018, BTS were invited to speak as honorary guests at the United Nations General Assembly with UNICEF. There, RM gave an inspirational speech about the journey they’ve made with the “Love Myself” campaign.


RM’s speech encourages listeners to keep growing and improving, but also to love themselves and speak themselves, regardless of their origins, skin color, or gender identity.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself.

— RM


In an interview with the Korea Herald, in which Holland’s sexuality, music, and activism were discussed, Holland was asked to give his thoughts on RM’s speech. Holland said he was “personally thankful” for the speech, and he became a bigger fan of BTS because of it.

I was personally thankful. I think it’s not easy for one of the most representative groups from Korea to say those words. I think it was cool more than anything that someone in their position with their influence on such an occasion decided to give that speech. It made me become a bigger fan.

— Holland


He pointed out BTS’s message of positivity as a key reason for success. He also believes that many BTS fans who are in the LGBTQ community must have felt supported by RM’s words.

I think they are doing well because of their general message of positivity with their albums and speeches. I can’t remember the speech word by word since it’s been some time but I’m sure there are a lot of LGBTQ’s among their fans and I think it must have made them feel supported.

– Holland


To hear RM’s “Speak Yourself” speech, check out the video here.


Source: Korea Herald