Holland Claps Back At Trolls After They Attempt to Defame Him

They attempted to slander him.

Holland took to Twitter to call out trolls who have attempted to slander him.

Callmeholland.com is a website in which an AI will read any text out in a celebrities’ voice. The website is powered by LionRocket.

The website was intended to be used by fans who wanted a message from the singer.

However, trolls have started using the service to make it seem that Holland is saying racists and homophobic statements. One even claimed that Holland did blackface and said the n-word, and tried to use this service as “evidence.”

In response to this, Holland said in a now-deleted tweet,

sorry, but f**ng racists and homphobia can’t be harling 🙂

The accounts did not appear to be apologetic when called out, however. They took to Twitter to share these tweets. The accounts have since been suspended.

Many fans have rushed to Holland’s defense and have shown their love for the singer.

It is currently unknown if Holland will take legal action against these individuals.