Holland Reveals Just How Much He Loves SHINee And It Is Relatable

He is a true fan!

K-Pop star Holland recently sat down with BuzzFeed and spoke all about his career, songs, and the artists that inspire him.

In particular, the interview seemed to show just how much love he has for SHINee, which is relatable.

One of the first questions Holland was asked was the first time he was star-struck.

Holland recalled that, even as a middle-school student, he loved SHINee and would follow them to different music shows while they were promoting. He explained that he has always been strongly influenced and inspired by SHINee.

I was strongly influenced by SHINee during that time, and I still like SHINee now. I don’t think my taste has changed!

— Holland

For the next question, SHINee once again made an appearance when asked about the first concert he attended.

Although he was standing right at the back, he remembered how much of a good time he had on more than one occasion.

If you take a look at the culture of K-Pop idols, there’s the first concert, and then, they have concerts over the span of three days. I think I went to all three concerts.

— Holland

He then joked that it might not be an exaggeration that he paid for one of the windows at SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment.

By the next question, even Holland couldn’t believe that SHINee was his answer again, looking at the first time he knew that he wanted to make music. This time, it also included the likes of like NCT and BIGBANG.

Ever since I started liking G-Dragon and SHINee, I dreamt of becoming a K-Pop idol!

— Holland

It seems as if, like a lot of people, Holland is a huge SHINee fan and his love for the group is something that many fans understand!

You can watch the whole interview below!