Holland Slams Racist and Homophobic “Fans” in Recent Tweets

Holland had to shut these fans down.

Holland, who rose to fame in 2018 as the first openly gay K-Pop idol had to put “fans” in their place after some allegedly used his website to spread homophobia and racism.

Holland opened a website that allows fans to submit their names for a specialized video message from Holland himself.

This website, callmeholland.com, was launched on April 1 in conjunction with Holland’s self-titled mini album and “Nar_C” music video.

According to tweets from Holland, in 5 short days since its launch people have been using the website to submit racist and homophobic slurs.

Holland has made it clear that prejudice will not be tolerated on his platform. He intends to spread only love and acceptance, which has been the message he’s built his entire career on thus far.

Hopefully people no longer use his website as a vehicle for hate, and allow Holland to bring smiles to Harling’s faces with his personalized video messages.

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