Holly Proved He’s Just As Savage As Suga By “Attacking” Suga’s Brother

Predator mode: activated

If you value your life, you should never, ever steal from Suga‘s dog, Min Holly.

Holly might be 80% floof and 20% snoot, but this toy poodle is 100% savage when he wants to be.

This isn’t surprising, given that his owner is the one and only Agust D, who spits rhymes like fire and drops mics like bombs.

Holly lives with Suga’s older brother, Min Geumjae (also known as Min Junki).

Min Geumjae frequently updates fans about Holly on Instagram, and his lastest update is making everyone laugh. In this video, Holly watches Min Geumjae’s hovering hand like a hawk, studying its every move. As soon as it goes for Holly’s toy…

…Holly’s goes into predator mode, lunging and growling “ferociously”!

Conclusion: Min Holly is basically a grizzle bear in a poodle’s body. Check out the whole video here: