Hollywood Actress asks a BTS member for his personal number, gives his manager’s number instead

Reports say a Hollywood actress asked a member of BTS for his number at the AMAs but woke up to a brutal surprise.

The rumored young actress singled out one of the members and went over to introduce herself.

They were seen sharing a conversation with the unnamed member nodded and smiled back at her.

The young actress then asked to exchange phone numbers, and he gave her a number!

However, when she called a few minutes later, it was one of the team assistants of BTS who answered the phone!

It turns out that the BTS member gave away his team assistants’ number, not his.

Apparently, he misunderstood her, thinking that she wanted to share numbers for business purposes.

Whether the rumor is true or not, netizens can’t deny that the boys’ charms can’t be denied even by a Hollywood actress!

Source: Blind Gossip