Hong Jin Young Got Drunk During Broadcast…And Something Strange Happened To Her Makeup

Netizens are flooding her Instagram wanting to know this beauty secret!

Trot singer Hong Jin Young is currently trending on Weibo, claiming the number 4 spot, but it’s for something no one expected… She’s trending for her foundation!

“Hahahah Hong Jin Young foundation is the 4th trending search on China’s Weibo…? hahaha the situation is getting scarier…;; so much pressure;;; and the direct messages keep piling in;;; if I don’t quickly upload the clip I think I’ll get in trouble hahaha Everyone!!!!! I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible”  — Hong Jin Young


Hong Jin Young doesn’t like to drink because her body reacts poorly to it, but she recently guested on Life Bar where people share stories over a drink. To fit the concept of the show, she took a couple of sips here and there.


Netizens, however, began to notice something very strange happening to Hong Jin Young. Her neck began to turn beet red, whereas her face maintained a beautiful pale shade of white.


Upon a closer look, the contrast between her body and face was even more apparent through her black lace blouse!


Female netizens immediately flooded her Instagram, sending her direct messages and posting on her feed demanding to know her beauty secret! “What foundation do you use that gives you so much coverage?

“This is what it was hahahah someone captured the pics from the show and sent it to me hahaha this is why I was overflowing with direct messages about foundation hahaha” — Hong Jin Young


To answer the overflowing comments, questions and interest, she revealed that she’ll be creating a beauty video to share her makeup tricks!

“Since being on Life Bar I received a lot of questions about my #foundation hahah Shortly I will share with you a detailed description of the base that I used through a clip hahaha” — Hong Jin Young


Now everyone will be able to hide their Asian flush thanks to Hong Jin Young!

Source: Dispatch
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