Hong Jin Young Reveals How To Make Your Face Look Smaller In One Minute

She is a miracle worker.

Hong Jin Young recently guested on an episode of Problem Child in House and shared her secret to making a smaller face in 1 minute using makeup.


She even brought her own makeup bag to demonstrate and her model for the day was Kim Yong Man, who stated that he’d like to have a smaller face.

I like having my face get smaller.

ㅡ Kim Yong Man


As the countdown began, Hong Jin Young quickly starting working her magic and vigorously brushed makeup onto Kim Yong Man’s face.


The other hosts and guests were shocked at how Kim Yong Man’s face was being transformed.

The fat on his side disappeared…

ㅡ Kim Sook


And everyone (including the staff) was cracking up once Hong Jin Young was finished.


Kim Yong Man’s face evidently looked much smaller!


Check out the full video below:

Source: Dispatch