Hong Jong Hyun Confesses That He’s A Complete Noob At Dating

Hong Jong Hyun confessed himself that he is a “Dating Noob” at a recent interview in celebration of his 10-year anniversary since his debut.


Hong Jong Hyun turns 29 this year and it is special to him as he ends his 20’s celebrating his 10 years of his career.

He expressed that he was even more excited for his 30’s and said, “I don’t want to feel rushed but spend my last year in my 20’s well to prepare for my future”.

He also mentioned that he wanted to get married in his 30’s and definitely before 40’s.

Hong Jong Hyun revealed that his ideal type was someone with charm, he also said that without charm even the prettiest woman is not attractive to him.

But he added with a laughter that he lacked a lot of dating experiences and that he was bad at it.

Source: Dispatch