This Hong Kong Actress Looks Barely Over 40 But Her Actual Age Will Shock You

You’ll never guess her real age.

Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu (also known as Zhao Yazhi) must have the secret to eternal youth, because she is decades older than you would think.


The actress has gained attention for years as China’s “forever young” myth come-to-life as she continues to age but doesn’t physically show it.


At first, you’d think she’s in her early 40s, but she’s actually well into her 60’s!

She was born in 1954 and is 63 years old to be exact.


The actress rose to fame in the 1980’s after she was awarded second runner up in the 1973 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Her first major starring role was opposite Chow Yung Fat in The Bund.


In 1992 she appeared in The New Madam White Snake, another classic TV program which is still beloved today.


She married fellow actor Melvin Wong in 1984 and their son, Wesley Wong, is 31 years old and a well-known actor like his parents.

Angie Chiu with her son and husband in 2016.

Her oldest son is almost 40.


But she hasn’t seemed to age since her mid-30s!

Angie Chiu in 2013.


At 63, her skin is flawless and she looks completely natural!


Ladies around the world are curious to learn her age-defying secrets!

Source: Dispatch