Hong Kong Company Turns Human Breast Milk Into Jewelry

Every mother wants to cherish their moments with their beloved child. And two Hong Kong mothers are no exception.

That’s why they co-founded the jewelry company Love Made Me, specializing at making pendants, bangle, and beads from clients’ breast milk.

During an interview, one of the mothers shared what inspires them to make these special items.

We were fascinated with the way women’s bodies transformed to provide for their babies. 

Breastfeeding is emotional and challenging – and short-lived.

Besides taking thousands of photos, we researched and came up with the idea of transforming​ breast milk into a nice piece of wearable keepsake

— Love Made Me (Owner)

Their creative attempt has attracted a lot of curious customers, and the business is now growing steadily.

[ Love Present ]由十月懷胎到兒女出生到他們長大成人成家立室, 想必媽媽們都有著十分多的感受,有時候更是有著千言萬語想對他們細說。 [ Love Present ]系列便是把這份千言萬語的愛留給兒女們, 禮物盒子注滿…

Posted by Love Made Me on Monday, May 8, 2017

Although it is not the first time companies turn people’s DNA into jewelry and other keepsakes, Love Made Me’s concept of using mothers’ breast milk is relatively new.

To keep their precious memories forever, mothers simply have to provide 20ml of their breast milk and let the jewelry makers do their magic!

奶珠的製作💬Step 1 – 所需工具如圖。手套、針筒/注奶器、混合捧、承載液體的柸、消毒紙包均一次性工具,用完即棄,絕不重覆。 其餘工具亦會在事前/事後用消毒用品清潔。Step 2&3 – 母乳按比例加入液體固化劑,遂步混合,待兩…

Posted by Love Made Me on Monday, May 22, 2017

As all items are 100% handcrafted, it will take customers two months see the finished product.

To branch out their business, the company also transforms placentas, umbilical cords, and baby’s hair into wearable items.

Like every parent, the owners truly hope they can pass this unique and gorgeous memory to their daughters when they become a mother.

Source: SCMP