SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Speaks Of Love For Performing In Gorgeous “Elle” Pictorial

You can tell how passionate he is for what he does

For the first time since SEVENTEEN‘s debut, performance leader Hoshi is going to star in his own solo pictorial for Elle magazine.

The theme of the pictorial is “Last Dance”, with elegant and artistic lighting to set the dramatic mood of the photoshoot. Hoshi comes across as mature and sophisticated, with dark colors and a blend of soft lights and deep shadows showing a stark difference from his typical soft, aegyo personality.

In the interview, Hoshi talks about making choreographies – which he has done numerous times for SEVENTEEN as a whole – and the difficulties that come with it.

You can only obtain good results if you’re working toward it because it’s what you want to do, and the members understand that. Also when it’s difficult, I get a lot of help from other choreographers and many people around me. I’m lucky to have many great people by my side.

— Hoshi

Along with this, he also expressed his love for what he does as an artist, and his desires for the future of his performances.

There has been so much focus on the ‘performer’ side of me until now, but I also love singing and rap and I want to become even better in those areas too. Singing and dancing on stage is still such a fun thing for me that I do not think of it as ‘work’.

— Hoshi

Carats can’t wait to see what Hoshi has in store for them next!