Hoshi Shares What Inspires Him While Making Choreographies For SEVENTEEN

His talent is off the charts!

As SEVENTEEN‘s main dancer, Hoshi is often at the center when it comes to creating the intricate choreographies that the group is known for, and he shared what inspires him to create his masterpieces!

Hoshi sat down with Esquire Korea for an interview, where he talked about his personal and professional life!

He was soon asked about his motivation and inspirations behind his choreographies, and he shard that he draws his ideas from movies or other choreographers!

Many things inspire me, such as movies, or choreographers. I look at choreographers to find out what trendy moves are and modify them to make them somewhat like SEVENTEEN [style]. I want to say thank you to all the choreographers out there.


Hoshi released his first solo mixtape titled “Spider”.

Watch him talk about his inspirations here!