“Hospital Playlist” Actor Jung Kyung Ho Reveals The Hilarious Habit That Once Made His Neighbors Report Him To The Police

We can’t really blame them!

In TvN‘s hit K-Drama Hospital Playlist, actor Jung Kyung Ho plays the serious yet charismatic doctor Kim Junwan. Yet, it seems his personality in real life might be more different from his character than fans first thought.

Jung Kyung Ho in Hospital Playlist | @tvndrama.official/ Instagram

Jung Kyung Ho recently sat down with Netflix Korea and answered some questions both as himself and in character. In particular, Jung Kyung Ho revealed a story that had fans in fits of laughter.

During the video, Jung Kyung Ho revealed that he has a specific routine or habit when he wants to go to the sauna and sweat a lot, which people usually do to lose weight. But, if he can’t make time, he has a unique alternative.

If I can’t go to the sauna, I put on thick clothes in the summer and walk around the neighborhood with a dog stroller. Then I can sweat out really well.

— Jung Kyung Ho

Yet, it seems as if not everyone appreciated his commitment to staying fit, and his neighbors seem to have taken it to the extreme without realizing it.

One day, the police came to my house. I asked, ‘What’s wrong,’ and they said a report came in saying that a crazy person walked into this house.

— Jung Kyung Ho

It turns out that his neighbors had not recognized the actor because of his unique outfit and exercise method. Jung Kyung Ho then added that, because of the initial confusion, there is now a picture of him in that outfit on the community service center website, so people don’t make a mistake again.

Hopefully, his neighbors don’t get too shocked if they see him roaming around in a huge coat in the summer! It is definitely a genius way to feel like you’re in a sauna without actually going. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Netflix Korea
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