“Hospital Playlist” And “Reply” Director Shin Won Ho Hopes That BTS’s Jin Or V Could Be The Lead In His Next Project

What a celebrity-filled collaboration!

Recently, famous director Shin Won Ho, who worked on iconic projects such as Hospital Playlist, the Reply series, and Prison Playbook, shared his desire to cast a BTS member in his next project. Although BTS members are known to have very limited activities outside group activities, many people in the industry vie for their attention.

Director Shin Won Ho | Xportnews

The director mentioned member Jin having a great acting education and talent. He is a fantastic performer and certainly has the looks of an actor!

Jin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Before becoming an idol, Jin when to acting school, originally wanting to have an acting career. Although he has not had an official acting debut yet, millions of fans and directors are waiting for his first role.

He, of course, then mentioned the only member with official acting experience, V. After his appearance in the 2016 K-Drama Hwarang, V has become the most requested actor in South Korea as well as one of the most expensive.


We can’t wait to see if this collaboration happens! What role would you like to see them in?

Source: Hankyung and Image (1) and (2)


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