Host Of “The Masked Singer” Confesses Which BTS Member She’d Want To Star On The Show

This Americanized version of “King of Masked Singer” could be seeing a Korean artist if her wishes are made reality!

The Masked Singer is an American adaptation of the popular Korean singing competition show, King of Masked Singer. The show features celebrities singing in front of an audience and hosts dressed in extravagant clothing that hides their identity so they can be judged on their voice alone, and it’s fun to guess who the celebrity is before they’re revealed.

The hosts of the American version of the show are Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger. In a recent special with the hosts talking about the show’s direction, they discussed Korean artists that they would like to appear on The Masked Singer.

Scherzinger definitely knew who she’d want to appear on the show.

If I could invite a Korean celebrity for ‘The Masked Singer,’ it would have be Jimin from BTS. I wish I could say that in Korean.

— Nicole Scherzinger

While it’s uncertain if she meant for him to star as a judge or a singer, it’s not entirely impossible for this to happen. Jungkook starred as a competitor in the Korean version of the show in 2016, and Jin was a panelist for it in 2017. The group even promoted The Masked Singer last year during its premiere, and RM stated their desire to be involved.

It’s really fun to guess who’s under the mask, so please stay tuned for The Masked Singer and we want to be there someday, too.

— RM

The creator of the show had already sent his wishes for Jimin to star on the show, so hopefully this will be made a reality soon!

Here’s the clip of the hosts speaking about the show: