Hot 55-Year-Old Mom Goes Viral For Her 20-Year-Old Bikini Body 

Her dedication to fitness is next level.

A fit 55-year-old mom from China is defying stereotypes about aging–and attracting a loyal fan following along the way.

Liu Yelin

Liu Yelin has amassed 2.9 million followers on Weibo by sharing photos, videos, and updates about her daily life. One of her most viral moments is a smoking-hot bikini photoshoot…

…that took place in freezing temperatures.

Liu Yelin recommends winter as the best time to build a killer physique; she believes that the cold helps slow down the aging process.

Liu exercises regularly year-round, but her special workout tricks are swimming outside during the winter and doing yoga in the snow.

Liu first gained 150,000 followers on Weibo after going viral for a much warmer photoshoot…

…and for looking nearly as young as her son, who was in his early 20s at the time.

Props to this beautiful mom for living her best life…

| @叶问lyl/Weibo

…through all four seasons!

Source: 叶问lyl