Here’s How K-Pop’s Most In-Demand Backup Dancer Got His Start

The dancer fans can’t take their eyes off

Cha Hyunseung has become one of the most well-known dancers in K-Pop today. The captivating dancer has performed with numerous big K-Pop groups and soloists such as Sunmi, Taeyeon, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Yezi, and many more!

It’s hard to call dancers like Cha Hyunseung “backup dancers” because of how much attention he can steal from the main performer.

| 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

So how did Cha Hyunseung obtain such a successful career in dancing? In a YouTube video with Edward Avila, Cha Hyunseung reveals that he originally wanted a career in singing but fell in love with dancing instead.

Cha Hyunseung shares how he started out as a dancer and then became a K-Pop idol trainee. Though he did not say why he stopped being a trainee, he clearly decided on a career as a dancer.

In his own YouTube video, Cha Hyunseung explains his struggle in becoming a dancer:

I wanted to learn to dance. I didn’t know how to dance at that time. So I found a choreography team and did some dancing. I loved dancing so much that I continued to be a dancer.

— Cha Hyunseung

Not only does Cha Hyunseung have a great career as a dancer, but also as a model. It’s no secret that part of Cha Hyunseung’s fame comes from his appearance, so it wasn’t a shock when fans discovered he was also a model. Cha Hyunseung has modeled for brands such as AAVEC, Mag and Jina, Columbia Korea, and more.

Despite being able to dance in front of millions and pose in nothing but underwear, Cha Hyunseung shares that he is actually very shy. He claims, in Edward Avila’s YouTube video, that his shyness goes away while dancing.

I think that one thing is intersting, when I’m off stage I’m really shy but on stage I’m like a different person. I like the reaction to that.

— Cha Hyunseung

| 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

It goes without saying that Cha Hyunseung worked hard to be where he is now. In his YouTube video, an interviewer asks what his plans for the future are to which he replies that he plans on continuing to dance until his “body can’t move.” He proceeds and shares that he intends to keep modeling as well.

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