These GIFS of Baekhyun In A Wet Shirt Are Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

These gifs of Baekhyun getting drenched in water are so sexy, they’ll leave you utterly speechless.

On March 8th, EXO‘s EXO’rDIUM IN JAPAN DVD and BLU-RAY was released. The DVD contained the full show of EXO’s concert in Japan and great close-up footage of the EXO members during each performance.

EXO-Ls could not contain themselves after seeing this one particular GIF of Baekhyun from the “Lightsaber” performance.

The “Lightsaber” stage showcased the EXO members doing fancy tricks with light sabers as water rained down on them. As the performance was coming to an end, the camera zoomed in on Baekhyun as he slowly lifted his head up and water dripped down from his face.

After the performance, Baekhyun adorably tried to cover up himself with a towel as you could easily see through his wet shirt.

However, fans were able to get a closer look at Baekhyun’s muscular body through these GIFS.

EXO-Ls went wild after seeing how Baekhyun’s wet shirt showed off his broad chest and defined pecs.

Here are some additional bonus photos of wet Baekhyun looking as sexy as ever!


Baekhyun’s curly wet hair and impressive body build…
A masterpeice!

Baekhyun’s cute personality turns him into a puppy that got drenched in the rain.