HRVY Reveals The NCT Dream Member He Had The Closest Bond With

They’d actually met each other before they’d even collaborated.

Last year, NCT Dream teamed up with British singer HRVY for a collaboration through SM Entertainment‘s SM Station.

Except for member Haechan, who had other obligations with NCT 127, the five members recorded and filmed the track “Don’t Need Your Love”.

Since artists can be super busy and have hectic schedules, it’s not always possible for them to meet each other when collaborating. That wasn’t the case for HRVY and NCT Dream. In fact, they had met beforehand.

During HRVY’s latest interview with GQ UK, he revealed, “I met them before we did the track.” He didn’t have to go out of his way to do so, either. It was taken care of, “I went to South Korea, and management set it up.”

When he finally met the members in person, it went better than HRVY could’ve hoped. “I actually ended up getting on with all of them. They were all really cool.” Although he formed a bond with all of them, there was one member that he’d been able to get just a little bit closer with.

HRVY explained, “Renjun was probably the strongest English speaker, so I got along with him really well, because I could have a lot more conversation with him.” Given his explanation, it’s no wonder he and Renjun meshed so well together.

Despite the language barrier, he reiterated that all of the members were special to him. “But they were all really, really cool guys, and it was just such a sick time.” He ended his response on a sweet note, “I am a Dreamy now, I love them. I always have.”

HRVY ended up proved those words when an error with the published article. In the original version of it, the writer had mistakingly named Renjun as “Njem.”

While fans tried to figure out who it was meant to be, guessing that it was referring to Jaemin‘s full name Na Jaemin or indeed Renjun, HRVY set the record straight. In such a cool way, he corrected the misspelling to “King Renjun,” showing how much he respected him.

To commemorate their collaboration, meeting the NCT Dream members, and forming a friendship with them, HRVY even got a tattoo to remember it always. If that isn’t friendship, what is?

Source: GQ UK