Huening Bahiyyih Of “Girls Planet 999” Gains Love For Comforting Crying Teammate

She was the first to be supportive when no one else would.

On an episode of the survival show Girls Planet 999, independent trainee Huening Bahiyyih impressed viewers with her stable vocals and stage presence as her team covered IZ*ONE‘s “FIESTA”.

Although the team did their best given the circumstances, some trainees didn’t meet the judges’ expectations and Huening Bahiyyih was right by their side to stand by them.

Huening Bahiyyih

When the team received feedback on their performance, Japanese trainee Ito Miyu wasn’t acknowledged for her efforts—despite powering through difficulties with her throat. That’s when Huening Bahiyyih stepped in to do what no one else did.

Huening Bahiyyih reached out for Ito Miyu’s hand, holding it as she comforted her with the words, “You did well.

Even when the team moved backstage, Huening Bahiyyih took some tissue and gently wiped Ito Miyu’s tears. She told her, “Don’t cry.

Viewers of the show fell harder for Huening Bahiyyih’s caring personality and loved that it wasn’t the only time she’d shown such kindness to fellow contestants of the show.