The Huening Siblings Impress With Their Stunning Visuals And Amazing Proportions

Speaking of triple threats, the three of them have it all.

Not only does talent run in the Huening family, but all three of the siblings have been blessed with stunning visuals and equally stunning proportions. In their recent promotions, fans couldn’t resist gushing over how beautiful they were.

After her time as a VIVA member, Lea Huening is still just as stunning, serving looks as a model.

Lea Huening | @leanavvab/Instagram

Even when Lea Huening shares her daily outfits on Instagram, she impresses with her long legs and slim figure.

| @leanavvab/Instagram

TXT‘s Hueningkai is well-known for his handsome and youthful visuals. His unique features set him apart from others.


Even though he’s the youngest of TXT, Hueningkai has made headlines for growing like a sprout and becoming the tallest member—making anything he wears look amazing.

Following Girls Planet 999, Huening Bahiyyih has earned a spot in the upcoming project group Kep1er and is already impressing fans with her youthful and beautiful looks.

Huening Bahiyyih | @dazedkorea/Instagram

In a teaser for the group’s upcoming issue of Dazed Korea, Huening Bahiyyih impressed fans with her dancing skills and healthy but slim proportions—similar to that of her siblings.

Thousands of fans loved how much the siblings resembled each other and praised their beauty. It looks like they did indeed get it from their dad.

Source: YouTube