Hueningkai Reveals The Sacrifice TXT Made For Their Year-End Performances

TXT had a tough decision to make before the year-end awards.

Ahead of their recent comeback with their fifth mini-album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATIONTXT tirelessly prepared performances for MOAs at multiple year-end award shows.

Their incredible stages reminded viewers why they took home the award for “Best Performance: Male” at the 2022 Melon Music Awards (also known as the 2022 MMAs).

TXT performing at the “2022 Melon Music Awards”

Following their impressive year-end award show appearances, the group returned to the stage for their comeback, unveiling intense and gravity-defying choreography as well as dreamy visuals with their new “Sugar Rush Ride” era.

TXT performing at the comeback media showcase.

TXT has become known for their intense choreography and ability to embody each concept to create a more compelling stage. While the members have incredible natural talents, their precision and confidence on-stage presence has a lot to do with the time and effort TXT puts into striving for perfection.

Hueningkai was recently interviewed for Weverse Magazine to speak about the group’s recent comeback and their schedules and accomplishments in 2022.

The group’s maknae had recently spent the holidays with his family, catching up with his sisters Lea Navvab Huening and Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih.

(From left to right) Lea Navvab Huening, Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih, and TXT’s Hueningkai

I spent Christmas and New Year’s with my family, which was great. I made mini cakes with my sisters.

— Hueningkai

Even with family, he kept with his routine of morning jogs to stay active.

I usually get up around seven or eight and go for a morning jog. I like the morning winter air and I don’t really feel the cold. I’m a morning person, so I usually wash up as soon as I get in and sleep, even if work runs late.

— Hueningkai

TXT’s Hueningkai | Weverse Magazine

While he could spend a little bit of time with his family and enjoy some downtime, he shared that the group was supposed to have a vacation, but they collectively agreed to work instead.

As the year-end awards were approaching, they found that the priority was giving their all to their performances.

There was supposed to be a vacation in between, but we all turned it down and practiced the choreography instead. We really wanted to do a good job, so we tried to bump up how often we practiced.

— Hueningkai

Part of TXT’s “2022 MAMA Awards” performance

They thought that if they practiced it until the performance became natural, they would shine even more on stage and feel less nervous.

We decided to practice more because we wanted to feel relaxed when we got up on stage. We put on a high-quality performance so I was satisfied with the result.

— Hueningkai

K-Pop idols are often away from their families for extended periods of time, making the decision to give their all to MOAs even more meaningful.

Their sacrifice paid off by captivating viewers with their year-end performances and even their peers.

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Source: Weverse Magazine