Huge Changes In Idol School Rankings Following Performances

Following all the group performances, Idol School saw huge changes in the rankings. 

For example, former SIXTEEN contestant Natty dropped out of the top 9 in the Idol School weekly rankings for the first time, and a new trainee took the number 1 spot on the show.

Idol School also eliminated the 8 lowest-ranking contestants, including Taiwanese contestant Snowbaby. 

Here are the current top 10 contestants ranked by live fan votes:

10. Natty (↓5)

Birthday: May 30, 2002
Unit Team: Me Gustas Tu

Despite ranking first on the first exam and winning the dance break challenge on episode 2, Natty has dropped out of the top 9 and is currently ranked 10th place. She received high praise from the teachers for her performance on the “Me Gustas Tu” team and looked comfortable singing live on stage.

9. Lee Sae Rom (↓1)

Birthday: January 7, 1997
Unit Team: Whistle

Lee Sae Rom had the “killing” part for the “Whistle” team. She’s been standing out for her powerful dancing and unique visuals.

8. Lee Na Kyung (↑1)

Birthday: June 1, 2000
Unit Team: Cheer Up

Lee Na Kyung continues to gain fans with her charming visuals and sweet personality.

7. Yoo Jina (↑5)

Birthday:  January 25, 1997
Unit Team: Me Gustas Tu

After performing well during the “Me Gustas Tu” team stage, Yoo Jina moved up into the top 9 for the first time ever. Despite not being the best dancer on the show, she’s shown great improvement and perseverence.

6. Park Jiwon (↓2)

Birthday: March 20, 1998
Unit Team: Whistle

Park Jiwon proved she could excel as a vocalist with her performance for the “Whistle” team, but still fell 2 rankings this week.

5. Lee Chaeyoung (↓2)

Birthday: May 14, 2000
Unit Team: Cheer Up

Lee Chaeyoung had a strong showing for the “Cheer Up” team, but also fell two ranks. Having been in the top 3 for the first two weeks, this is the lowest she’s been in the rankings since the show began.

4. Song Hayoung (↓3)

Birthday:  September 29, 1997
Unit Team: Cheer Up

Song Hayoung was ranked first this week, but dropped down three places. Despite somehow not knowing the legendary song “Cheer Up” before the challenge began, she nailed her performance.

3. Lee Seoyeon (↑8)

Birthday: January 22, 2000
Unit Team: Whistle

Former YG Entertainment trainee Lee Seoyeon owned the unit challenge and entered into the top 9 for the first time ever after her impressive performance of “Whistle.” She’s slowly becoming a fan-favorite and is looking to be one of the frontrunners now.

2. Lee Hae In (–)

Birthday: July 4, 1994
Unit Team: Whistle

Stable vocals and a powerful aura allowed Lee Hae In to maintain her 2nd place spot in the rankings.

1. Baek Jiheon (↑5)

Birthday: April 17, 2003
Unit Team: Rookie

Her infectious eyesmile and bright personality have helped Baek Jihyeon claim the top spot among the contestants. Despite being one of the youngest on the show, she’s proven time and time again that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Watch all the performances from episodes 3 and 4 below:

“Me Gustas Tu”




“Cheer Up”