Hwang In Yeop Performs His Iconic “Okey Dokey” Dance From “True Beauty” At His First Fan Meeting

“Is that true? Yes okey dokey yo.”

Hwang In Yeop recently held his first-ever fan meeting online for his fans on July 3! The event was filled with touching fan messages and the star also looked back on his thriving career!

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Before he became a well-known actor, Hwang In Yeop was a stunning model for several years. While he loves modeling, Hwang In Yeop shared his true passion is acting and made his acting debut in 2018.

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Hwang In Yeop quickly rose to fame with the hit K-Drama True Beauty as the character Han Seo Jun. Although Hwang In Yeop had several memorable moments in the drama, one particular scene fans loved was when he danced to Zico and Mino‘s “Okey Dokey.” This legendary dance also included Hwang In Yeop wearing merely a long robe and legendary leopard print boxers and fans loved how adorable it all was.

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Because the scene is a huge highlight from the drama, Hwang In Yeop’s first fan meet could not have gone on without it. For his fans, Hwang In Yeop danced along to his “Okey Dokey” dance and perfectly recreated the scene.

Not only did Hwang In Yeop show off his amazing dancing skills again, but also his beautiful vocals! During his fan meeting, Hwang In Yeop performed several songs, including “Starting Today” that he also sang for the drama’s OST.

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Hwang In Yeop is indeed a man of many talents! The star’s first fan meet was nothing but successful and fans can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

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