Hwang In Yeop Reveals The Impact Of Playing Seo Joon In True Beauty

It will be hard to let go of the character!

In an interview with W Korea, actor Hwang In Yeop reveals that, despite True Beauty coming to an end, he still feels a connection to his character Seo Joon.

Hwang In Yeop shot to fame in the web-toon adaptation as the tough-looking but caring and thoughtful Seo Joon.

He also explained how sometimes he finds himself slipping back into the character through his mannerisms. He recalled times when he did something, and his manager and staff around him would say, “Seo Joon does the same.”

 I still use Han Seo-joon’s distinctive tone and gestures unconsciously.

Although he is conscious of it, he wants it to go away naturally!

Hwang In Yeop also revealed how different he was at school ten years ago compared to his character. At school, he never grew hair or dyed his hair because of his school’s rule.

He believes teenagers nowadays are more expressive and joked that while they have social media, he only the messaging service Buddy Buddy.

Looking at his character’s development in True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop had some wise words about romance.

“Between friendship and love, you will only lose love if you choose friendship but if you choose love, you need to be prepared to lose both”

With these words in mind, Hwang In Yeop finished by saying that he wants to be a person who does not panic under any circumstances!

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for Hwang In Yeop!

Source: W Korea