Hwang In Yeop Revealed How He Prepared For His Role In “True Beauty” And How People Misjudge Him Based Of His Looks

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Rising star Hwang In Yeop met with Cosmopolitan for a photoshoot and interview. In the interview, Hwang In Yeop discussed the preparation for his 1st lead in the webtoon based drama True Beauty and how he often gets misjudged by his looks.

In True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop’s character, Han Seo Joon, often puts a tough guy act on in front of others but inside or when no one is looking, he is the most caring and thoughtful person. His character is also known to drive around a motorcycle, adding to his tough-guy image.

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To get ready for this role Hwang In Yeop said he wanted to give his all.

I am trying to express what I can express in order to show viewers the most like Seo-Jun. I had never ridden a motorcycle before acting as Seo Joon, but for this, I got a license and went to action school separately to shoot an action scene. That way, I wondered if it would satisfy the expectations of those who like Seo Jppm from the original webtoon. It’s good that I’m satisfied, but I think that making everyone else satisfied is the most important thing. So, I think this kind of effort should be done of course, and that’s how much I personally care about the character of Han Seo Jun.

— Hwang In Yeop

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Much like his character, Hwang In Yeop is often misjudged by his image as a cold person. Though his appearance may be cold, he has a warm and playful personality.

My eye shape often makes people judged me to have a cold personality, but if I laugh, it’s different. And actually, I laugh well and play a lot of jokes. When I was young, I was often misunderstood because I was too introverted to express my feelings properly. Then, as I was working as an actor, I realized that it wasn’t difficult to reveal myself little by little. So now I try to be honest.

— Hwang In Yeop

Returning back to his character, Hwang In Yeop shared how he enjoyed being able to wear a school uniform again in his 30’s.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve worn a school uniform. When will I be able to experience this again? My age may be a burden, but I am happy that you (the director) trusted me, I’m getting more and more used to my appearance in school uniforms.

— Hwang In Yeop

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He then goes on to discuss how his busy schedule for True Beauty does not bother him because of how much he enjoys his work.

Even if I lack sleep, I am very happy with the hard work I want to do. I used to turn it off as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, but these days it’s really easy to wake up. Now, I’m not feeling tired because I enjoy this moment. I debuted a little late, but now that I can work as an actor I have to work harder. Every moment right now is so precious.

— Hwang In Yeop

Ending the interview, Hwang In Yeop was asked what type of actor he would like to be in the future.

I want to be an actor that people look forward to. For example, when I saw previews for dramas or movies with my parents and they said, ‘So-and-so is in this. Let’s watch this no matter what.’ If I could turn into an actor like that. The kind people anticipate to watch and whose acting people know they can trust, I don’t think there’s anything that could make me happier. I hope there’ll be a moment when people say, ‘I hear Hwang In Yeob is in this. I’m looking forward to it.’

— Hwang In Yeop


Fans love seeing Hwang In Yeob as Han Seo Joon and can’t wait to see his future projects!

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