Hwang Minhyun Gets Called “Dirty Sexy” Following the Release of This Footage

Can you handle this?

Elle Korea recently shared a new footage of NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun looking sweaty and sexy, and fans have absolutely no complaints.

In the footage, Hwang Minhyun can be seen on a white bed pulling down his shirt to expose his collarbone. As he expresses the warmth he’s feeling, he also uses his facial expression to give off a decadent vibe.

He is then seeing walking over to a colorful backdrop while wearing a mysterious black coat. He could have easily looked dull across all the colors, but he instead portrayed the image of solitude in the most perfect way.

The mystical vibe he gives off while exploring different images and the snippets of him laying on a white bed allow him to show just how sexy he’s capable of being.

Check out the sexy footage if you think you can handle it:

Source: Insight