Hwarang’s Director Reveals The True Reason He Casted BTS V

The director of drama “Hwarang” confessed that he cast BTS V despite the fact that he had no acting experience because of his bright and innocent nature.

Kim Tae Hyung of BTS is set to make his debut as an actor with the role of Hansung in the upcoming drama Hwarang.

Back when it was announced that V would be filming a drama, both fans and non-fans were concerned that people would criticize him due to the lack of his experience in acting.

At the press conference for Hwarang, the producer Yoon Jung Shik confessed that he cast BTS V because he fell in love with him at first sight.

The full statement of the producer has been translated below.

“We needed someone who had an innocent and bright persona. The character is the youngest of many siblings and his personality is untainted innocence. He is not one of the most central characters but is a very unique and charming one. I cast all the other siblings first and I cast V because of his extremely bright nature. I fell in love with him at first sight at the first meeting. He looked so cute and was so playful. I was worried that he had no acting experience but after the reading I decided he would do well with some training.”

Checkout the teaser video for Taehyung’s character Hansung for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Hwarang”.

Source: Herald Pop