Hwasa and Taemin Got Caught Trying to Go Home Early After “Music Bank”

Most working individuals can probably relate.

On February 15, SHINee‘s Taemin made his live comeback with his new solo song, “WANT”, and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa also performed her first solo song, “TWIT” on KBS2’s Music Bank.

Following both of their strong performances, Taemin must have been exhausted, because he was spotted prancing off the stage in a comical manner after the reveal of the winners.

Taemin wasn’t alone, because Hwasa was also spotted in the far right side of the stage which could also easily be called the “Ready to Book It Zone“.

What seemed like Taemin and Hwasa’s desire to go home and rest was captured on camera, and fans who saw this couldn’t help but laugh and commend the two stars on their hard work.

Their behavior following the show could almost be seen as relatable since most of us have probably had those days when we were wiped out from work and wanted to just go home and rest.

Who else can relate?

Source: Insight