The HYBE 02-Liners Have Become Closer, And ENHYPEN’s Jay Has Proof

“We even have a…”

With a few of the members from ENHYPEN and TXT being born in 2002, the same-age idols get together to form the HYBE 02-liners. Although they hadn’t been close when the two groups finally performed a stage together, Jay revealed how much closer they’ve grown since then.

Jay, Jake, Taehyun, Sunghoon, and Hueningkai. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Jay held a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday, eating the custom seaweed soup and answering fans’ questions. One ENGENE couldn’t resist asking about the friendship between the HYBE 02-liners. Jay confirmed they were “good friends” and even had a group chat.

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Jay revealed that they’d become so close that a group chat wasn’t the only thing the idols shared.

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The HYBE 02-liners have been spending some quality time together. Jay said, “And then we started to hang out together and chat via group message room.” There was one thing they hadn’t done together, though.

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Since ENHYPEN and TXT have been busy, all of the members haven’t been able to come together as one. Jay said, “We are going to go out for food someday.

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Despite not knowing when they’ll all have free time to go out, Jay was excited for it to finally happen.

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To go from being awkward around each other to hanging out often, the HYBE 02-liners have genuinely become good friends.

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Source: Naver Live