By 2023, HYBE Labels Could Have A Half-Dozen New Rookie Groups

Are you ready for this?

HYBE Labels has undoubtedly become a huge force in the K-Pop industry, with subsidiaries that include BigHit MusicPledis EntertainmentSource MusicKOZ Entertainment, and others.

With artists like BTSSEVENTEENTXTENHYPEN, and more under the label, it’s no surprise that they have become as successful as they are in such a short period of time!

BTS | BigHit Music

Looking into the near future, it seems like their influence is only going to grow, and possibly quite quickly, given all the plans they seem to have for the next year or so!

In fact, if all of the rumors and speculations are true, HYBE Labels might be debuting a half-dozen or more new music groups from now and through 2023.

One of the most well-known and most-hyped among these potential groups consists of the members of what is now known as Trainee A. There’s a lot of expectation for them specifically because they’re under BigHit Entertainment — home to BTS and TXT — so if they debut in the next year, it’s definitely going to be huge!

Earlier today, former IZ*ONE members Sakura and Haewon were confirmed to have joined Source Music, another subsidiary of HYBE Labels, which makes a new girl group a high possibility in the near future for them. Other potential members include former Produce 48 contestants, such as Heo Yunjin.

Back in November last year, HYBE Labels announced the creation of a new label, ADOR, to run an upcoming girl group. Not much is known about this yet, but there are rumors that actress Ryu Hanbi may be among the future members.

With the second season of I-LAND on the way from BELIFT Labs, which will feature female contestants this time, it’s likely that a girl group formed from the survival show will also be created in the near future alongside their current artist, ENHYPEN.

Pledis Entertainment has been working on debuting a new boy group for a couple of years, with their original debut date set back in 2019 or 2020. It’s unknown when they will debut, but it’s possible that it could be in the next year.

There’s also supposed to be a new Japanese boy group formed by HYBE Labels as well, with an upcoming survival competition show, &AUDITION – The Howling confirmed to be airing this July in order to find the remaining members for the group. Included in the show’s line-up are former I-LAND contestants KNicholasTaki, and EJ.

Additionally, a global girl group is in the works between HYBE Labels and Universal Music Group‘s Geffen Records, home to artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and Yungblud.

Only time will tell if all of these groups do debut within the next year, but it’s likely that at least some of them will, and it’s undoubtedly a lot to look forward to!

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